Monday, January 19, 2009

It is it

I wish to explicate as much as you wish to know it, perhaps even more, but there is a problem; the root problem, by definition, is that which cannot be defined. Its definition is the eternal absence of words...

...but so too the eternal effort of description.

And as long as effort has existed it has been applied to answering or avoiding this question, the question, such that at this point there is a remarkable body of information concerning it.

And for the person who has read and understood it all there will be a complete absence of understanding.

The root problem, by deduction from that title, is the essence, the most essential, fundamental, principle, basic, foundational. It is the singular, the completeness, space, time, everything and nothing aside.

The root problem is The Question whose answer is all answers,
And it is The Answer which answers all questions.

The root problem is Enlightenment,
And it is Anti-enlightenment.

The root problem is Good and Evil, Heaven and Hell, Order and Chaos;
The root problem is Zero and Infinity.

The root problem is paradox, not as in those we can conceptualize, but as in those vastly more numerous, those that we can't. Seeing how paradoxes are already really quite confusing, it is not so surprising to find that the root problem is the paragon of paradox,

and well fit to explain why the root problem is so hard to explain.

The root problem is holy peace arising from bitter conflict;
Thought and Reaction,
Sense amidst the Senseless.

It is difficult to say anything more apt, more fitting than nothing at all. The words, they can be read but entirely misunderstood; even a studious glance may yield the interpretation that I'm merely listing contradictions, and that there is no profundity in an exercise as simply listing contradictions. But I can hardly do anything else. The root problem is fundamentally contradictory, but the conflict of it is almost irrelevant compared to the inexplicable subtext.

The root problem is the area where opposites collide, but the same as the whole area where opposites reside.

The root problem is The Meaning Of Life, It is The Purpose;
It is Mortal and Immortal, Man and God as They are the same.

The root problem is nature, reality, existence;
It is evolution and creation,
temporal and spiritual.

And oh, how like the root problem to be the The Final Irrefutable Answer to the meaning of life, yet also the most unfulfilling, empty, fully incomplete Answer. Yes it is! It is the womb and the coffin, the origin and destination! I know I said that the conflict was practically irrelevant, but that is only partially true, part of the time; the root problem is as much about the oscillation aside start and end as it is those points.

It is the indefinite defined and the indefiniteness of definition; the answer as it is a question.

It is it.

Do you understand now?

If you think so, please reconsider. If you think you understand, you do not understand.

But if you think not... well, then you have begun to understand.

And if you not think but be