Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Second Semester of Pottery

Still glowing from my first experience with pottery, the presented opportunity to undertake another semester in independent study was obviously A Good Idea. While I should have expected as much between abstract algebra and earfingers, my workload prevented me from spending the amount of time in the studio I preferred... unfortunately even less than required. Nonetheless I managed to complete a few items, most of which are designated for giving, and most of those for giving to nonhuman animals. As will soon be apparent, photographing pottery didn't enter my skill set since the previous post, though it is now clear due to the metallic sheen of Dexter's dish that a truly accurate representation would require a visual representation indistinguishable from reality, a conveyance of information probably quite far off even in our astonishingly advanced state of technology; call it surprising that the humble ceramic ware, present for the emergence of human society, might demonstrate the sincere limitations of what is otherwise unquestionably profound machinery.

Title: demitasse
Height: 5.8 cm
Radius: 3 cm
Glazes: rutile blue, teadust black, Miami beach, peacock

Title: Adria's tea mug
Height: 8.3 cm
Radius: 5 cm
Glazes: turqoise, dynamite red, Jed's green
Note: Jed's green ended up mostly orange tinted transparent on all my pieces this semester.

Title: Bugsy's dish
Height: 3 cm
Radius: 7 cm
Glazes: rutile blue, purple eggshell matte, Jed's green

Title: Sadie's dish
Height: 5 cm
Radius: 8.5 cm
Glazes: Coleman's purple, Jed's green, Miami beach

Title: dish for arbitrary small animal
Height: 3.6 cm
Radius: 7 cm
Glazes: rutile blue over transparent

Title: dish for arbitrary medium animal
Height: 4.5 cm
Radius: 10 cm
Glazes: Miami beach, rutile blue, touch of moon, kryptonite

Title: Dexter's dish
Height: 4 cm
Radius: 8 cm
Glazes: ohata kaki, teadust black

Title: Mom's bowl
Height: 7.5 cm
Radius: 9 cm
Glazes: rutile blue over transparent

Title: George Ohr homage
Height: 12 cm
Radius: 5.5 cm
Glazes: purple eggshell matte, Jed's green, lion yellow, ohata kaki
Notes: attempting to reproduce this Ohr piece exposed how amazingly symmetric it was despite appearing disorganized with a casual glance. Also clearly demonstrated was the sincere difficulty of actually making such unusual form.

Title: ironic mug
Height: 10 cm
Radius: 8 cm
Glazes: angel eyes, lipstick purple, Jed's green

In conclusion, if you ever get the chance to do pottery, take it without hesitation.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The project is coming along, and pandora has guided me to a sound which I will likely use for the demonstration of its capabilities. Specifically starting at 4:10 this sound exhibits a strong periodic structure through a wide spectrum of frequency, which should be clear even with only 8 dimensions of decomposition. My intentionally atypical project proposal can be found here.