Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tired of Furry Clothes?

As the owner (or own-ed) of a very fuzzy long hair cat named Pickles, having everything be constantly coated in fur was just something that had to be adjusted to. Everyone who has ever had an indoor cat or dog will agree, trying to have a fur-free home is an impossible battle. However, a few days ago I realized that my clothes weren't nearly as furry as they had been for a long time. Seemingly moments afterwards I accidentally discovered why, and with that a way to have clothes nearly fur-free. Beside how pleasant it is, it's also very simple! The answer is microfiber cloth.

A few months back I was perusing the local Harbor Freight and found a bag with a dozen microfiber cloths for some absurdly low price, as is usual. I had been hearing some whispers here and there about these remarkable fabrics so I picked them up. In essence, I realized that if you put a bunch in with your laundry, the microfiber practically sucks the fur off most other fabrics; In effect it seems as though fur is to microfiber as the two sides of velcro. It doesn't work for everything - from what I've noticed some other fabrics are even more "sticky" to the fur... in my case I noticed this because when I pull my clothes from the drier, a particular pair of shorts has every microfiber cloth stuck to them, as well as all the fur. It's kind of nice, the shorts take care of sorting out the rags, just a smidge less work for me to do.

When you go to buy some cloths, be sure to pick up a few extra. A damp microfiber cloth (just water, no chemicals needed) does an Astounding job at cleaning just about everything: mirrors attain a genuinely surprising clarity, and chrome looks freshly polished. However, you really don't want to use the same fur-magnet cloths for cleaning, as they tend to release the captured fur. I especially don't recommend the same cloths for washing your face - it's a good way to discover the amazing amount of fur they capture (as I did), but otherwise you just end up with a really furry face.

I'm not sure if they will work for dog fur as well - if you find out that they do, be sure to let me know!

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