Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blonde Redhead - Falling Man

Blonde Redhead has been having a sincere impact on my life by provoking such a profound sound for somewhere near six years now. Despite so much time, and only because I had intended to post this, I just noticed that the person on the cover is partially uncovered. I'm certain the image was intentionally constructed so the intensity of the face distracted the much subtler salaciousness; I suppose then I must admit that this remarkable band isn't just expanding my mind with sound, but with images as well. The combination of auditory and visual information is apt, as my senior project is an attempt to enable the combination of those two with touch in addition. So far I believe it has been progressing swimmingly, which is good, because my advisers have already expressed their concern that this project is too large. It is almost certain that the results will be blogged, so stay tuned.

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